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Handmade Soaps


My soap is a pure olive oil, Castile Soap.  I do not use any animal fats or other oils (with the exclusion of the oat-meal, almond oil, and honey soap, in which the almond oil is added to the pure castile soap in the French mill stage).  I hand-make it from olive oil in small batches to preserve quality.  Ancient Civilizations used Olive Oil to help heal wounds, today it is still used as a remedy for skin problems as well as a moisturizer.  This is why my soap is great for people with skin ailments, sensitive skin, eczema,  psoriasis, oily, dry, or itchy skin. 

 I then French-mill (or hand-mill) the soap and add the herbs/essential oils.  Many of my soaps have natural anti-bacterial properties, abrasives, and skin emollients.  "Milled soaps" are known to last longer than most commercial soaps with the proper care of storing on a strainer type soap dish.

Men who shave with a shaving mug can refill it with my round bars!  Several of my male customers told me that they were dropping the left-over soap pieces from the sink into their mugs and using them to shave with and how much they love it, so I now pour a round bar that can be used for shaving mugs or bathing.

BTE liquid soaps can  be used for washing AND conditioning  hair!  Your hair and scalp will feel clean!  I also Love this because of all the bottles it eliminates!   Because of it's oil base, I use it to clean wood and leather.  It can be used to pre-treat stains, hand-wash delicates, and do laundry, as well as general house cleaning.

Back to Earth Products takes pride in producing a quality product not only to comfort human beings but that is bio-degradable as it goes Back to the Earth.


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