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"Moose Magic" Creams and Salves

I started making creams and salves a couple of years ago, I used some basic recipes, but have designed what is now "Moose Magic" with trial and error to what really helps folks. My special blend of herbal essential oils with olive oil, in both the salve and cream, offer natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, & wound healing properties, all natural!

"Moose Magic Salve" can be used simply as a wound ointment, or for healing dry skin.

The "Original Moose Magic Cream" has helped many people with their severe dry skin, (even to comfort eczema), it's also great to use as a rub for everyday aches and pains, sore joints & muscles, the aches from flu, colds, and congestion, and  even headaches.

"Moose Magic" now offers.... "gentle" cream for sensitive and baby-tender skin, and  "bugs-away" to, of course, keep the bugs away!

"Bugs Away" is made from citronella plant, citronella and lemon essential oils. My nephew Tommy Moose carried it on his hike of the entire Appalachian Trail, and stayed bug free!"

My son, Walter, encouraged the name "moose magic". Because of all its purposes, "Moose Magic" has become a big seller. Having all the incredible healing gifts from Mother Nature, is why they work like magic!!



  • 1 oz - $7.95
  •  4 oz -  $14.95


  Note: For International orders shipping will be more, please contact Bobbi Rae to place international orders.  
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