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Handmade Bath Products


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Back to Earth Bath Products  are made from all natural ingredients, no fillers, chemicals, or additives! They are ideal for people with skin ailments, or sensitive skin, as well as daily use.

With the use of herbs and essential oils, olive oil, fine sea salts and dead sea salts, along with other quality ingredients,  BTE products are designed to enjoy or to soothe troubled skin (such as eczema, psoriasis, oily, dry, or itchy skin).  Many of my bath products have natural anti-bacterial properties, abrasives, and skin emollients.

Products with Dead Sea Salts have been known to calm the uncomfortable symptoms caused by eczema, while Olive Oil is known to moisturize the skin and to  help heal wounds. It has also been known to help with hair loss.

Back to Earth Products takes pride in producing a quality product not only to comfort human beings but that is bio-degradable as it goes Back to the Earth.

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