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Having been raised mostly in Florida by my grandparents (photo on left of my grandfather and me, photo on right of my grandmother and me), we were surrounded by love and instilled with good morals. Still, I always felt different from the other children at school. The way I felt about nature and living was weird to them. 

Well time passes and like many I found myself 'surviving',  in North Carolina. I soon met my husband and began a beautiful life of living close to the land. Oh yeah, there 's been a lot of hard work and some hard times along the way, in fact it was one of those unexpected events that exposed the path to what I am now doing.

At some time I had been given some really nice craft books, but with two small children, some critters, and a garden, they were forgotten. Soon though, Fate, revealed herself. I realized that I could work from home and make soap, but not just soap. I wanted to make a really good product. I have spent 4 years making soap, and other products. Beginning with known recipes, now creating my own, making products not only from quality ingredients, but products that are comforting and soothing, safe for the earth, and  really work!

Bobbi Rae Moose Phone: 704-436-2563 Email: